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[Q] How do I know if I am eligible to participate in a PADI or BSAC course?

[A] There is a general route for progression with PADI and BSAC dive courses, you are not able to jump to more complex courses if you have not yet got to the level prior to the course you are looking to participate in. If you have never dived before the first step would be a PADI Open Water Diver's course or BSAC Ocean Divers course and then you can progress to PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or BSAC Sport Diver course and so on. To see the progression you can make as a PADI qualified diver click the button below to see the PADI course matrix

[Q] What are divers medical forms and why do I need them?

[A] Divers medical forms are required to be completed before participating in any course or diving related activity, they are to assess any potential health and safety risks prior to diving. It is essential these forms are answered honestly to mitigate any risks and ensure safety at all times. We CANNOT proceed with course if a medical form is not completed - BSAC and PADI medical forms differ and it essential the correct form is filled out depending on the course you are participating in. See divers medical forms here.

[Q] What is the difference between PADI and BSAC?

[A] PADI and BSAC are diving organisations that facilitate diving as well as overseeing health and safety regulations to ensure the activity remains fun and enjoyable for everyone. Despite the similar models of both organisations, PADI offers international training, whereas BSAC operates in the United Kingdom only. Both PADI and BSAC offer courses that will qualify you as a trained Scuba Diver, courses will differ slightly in terms of training and qualifications

[Q] What is a referral?

[A] If you are planning to complete a diving qualification, but you would prefer to complete your course in warmer waters, we are able to complete any theory and confined aspect of your course in a UK swimming pool, but you can be referred to a company abroad that operate in warmer climates to finish your course - Or you can follow Ocean Adventures on one of our many trips away, you can see our planned trips here

[Q] I am interested in starting diving but not sure if I would enjoy it. What should I do?

[A] If you are interested in starting diving but not completely sure you would enjoy it, we would recommend starting with a discover scuba course. This does not offer any qualification, but it is a cheaper alternative to a full course that allows you to get under the water for the first time and would often serve as a decision maker for people on the fence about Scuba Diving. Equally, if you are looking to buy a present for someone who may be interested in diving, this is a great place to start.

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