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Established in 2013, Oceans Adventure Ltd is a family run business based in Cambridgeshire and the surrounding area's.


It all began like most families, Steve had bought a diving course for Nicky as a present - which to be honest, was probably more of a present from Steve to Steve at this moment. But both passed their open water with flying colour's but Nicky perhaps a bit more skeptical and definitely took some warming up to the sport.

Through more experience and confidence, Nicky quickly began to share Steve's hobby of Scuba Diving, and they frequently travelled to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt to dive with the incredible Elite Diving team. At this time Steve and Nicky would hire equipment through Elite rather than lug around 20-30kg of Diving Equipment half way across the world. Despite this Steve and Nicky still experienced an excessive amount of baggage in the form of their two young son's... Thomas and Harry.

Thomas was getting to a stage of life many parents like to shelter themselves from, others refer to this as the teenage years. Whereas Harry was a little younger and hated everything to do with water, which may be considered problematic being on a boat in the middle of the Red Sea.


"I am not going on the boat, and I am DEFINITELY NOT going in for a snorkel" - Said Harry, aged 7... After a bit of convincing Steve and Nicky got Harry onto the boat. Harry was not impressed to say the least. Thomas on the other hand could not wait to get jumping off the side of the boat. For Steve and Nicky, it was time to start their first dive of the day. After a briefing, a cup of scorching hot tea in the 30C heat and a buddy check, down they went.

A lovely dive as always in the Red Sea, but nothing they had seen underneath that water in that hour could prepare them for what they were due to see upon their ascent. Harry, Aged 7 - from the top of the boat, cannon balling into the depths of the Red Sea. A frantic moment for two parents who imagined their youngest son to have an extreme phobia of water. Seconds later a small little head bobbed up on the surface, no time was wasted as Thomas, Harry and their new friends Mohammed and Hazem quickly made their way back onto the boat, straight to the side and back into the water.

It appears Harry not only is not afraid of the water, he bloody loves it. 

Holidays like this continued for a few years, with Thomas and Harry being looked after by the incredible boat crew and taken on a few snorkels, and Steve and Nicky continuing to progress through the ranks of Scuba Diving levels. Until it came time for Tom to do his first try dive - Tom could not wait to get started.

Thomas at aged 12 had fully qualified as a junior open water diver and would begin to join Steve and Nicky on dives. Harry always slept or played on his PSP while they were away, but he was sure they were talking about him underwater in sign language behind his back. But this was it, Harry was the odd one out in the family but was still enjoying his snorkeling with the crew regardless.

Steve, Nicky and Thomas all qualified Scuba Divers and after being slightly too overjoyed after every single dive, it could only mean one thing. Harry had a strong case of FOMO and subsequently had not one shred of choice about pursuing a hobby that had completely encaptivated the rest of his family. A narrow choice that he ultimately didn't mind taking.

At 11 years old Harry had completed the paradigm and too became a junior open water scuba diver. It appeared that maybe being last in line was worth the wait, after following the compass in a straight line and officially completing his course, members of our group vanished and could be seen swimming away from him at supersonic speed. "Do they do this with all new divers?" Harry thought. After catching up and searching around for a moment, there it was... In the grassy shallows of Marsa Alam, a Dugong peacefully passing by. What a way to begin this adventure!

As aforementioned, Steve had continued his progress as a diver at a very quick rate, and in 2013 had qualified as a PADI Dive Instructor with the help of Steve Prior and his team. A true reflection of his undeniable passion towards Scuba Diving. Steve would ultimately crossover with BSAC 10 years later in 2023. 

The next step was a no brainer. There was no point having the ability to teach people without actually teaching people. Steve was approached by Steve Prior with the idea of starting a new dive school. A serious consideration for Mr Steve Clement to make - he said yes straight away - maybe not as serious of a decision in his mind.

So became what was originally known as Ocean Adventures Dive College, established in 2013 and is known today simply as Ocean Adventures Ltd. Like clockwork, Steve began teaching aspiring divers and helped existing divers progress through their ranks. Tom, Harry and Nicky rotationally assisted these sessions from the surface, carrying equipment, ensuring safety and being another friendly face to chat too. Helping for a friendly and efficient service.

Many people have pointed out, why a diving company in the middle of the freezing cold UK. The first point to make, is that for the very same reason people think its a bad idea to run such a company is the reason we believe there may be such a demand for it in this area, a happy accident perhaps. The second and most important point to make is... The United Kingdom is absolutely freezing! Luckily for us there is a place that Harry used to hate for its boats and the sea's that he never used to like jumping into called Egypt.

Egypt some might argue is a slightly warmer climate than the UK, and was quickly noted that trips away to the sunny side of the world would not only be a much more comfortable way to conclude your diving qualification, but an experience you will likely never forget. As much as we love Stoney Cove, I can confirm you cannot find Dugong's in there, but I guess you never know what you might see!

Frequent trips to destinations like Egypt, Lanzarotte and Malta became a regular, with Steve calling them "work trips" and sunbathing was his "thinking time". We know really it was an excuse to have another holiday, but the rest of the family were never sour or jealous about Steve's travels. Until he sends us a picture of him drinking the local beer at least.

With trips now being the recommended way to qualify to your next level of Scuba Diving, whatever that level may be. We can also provide referrals, and we can also use slightly colder destinations in the UK such as Stoney Cove or Gildenburgh if you need the qualification sooner or perhaps before a holiday of your own.

Ocean Adventures Ltd today is a highly reputable family run business and have had some incredibly gratifying news after being listed in the top 5 of the UK and Irelands best dive centres, after modestly finishing in 5th place on the Dive Magazine awards. (DIVE Travel Awards 2021: Top 5 dive centres and resorts by region (

We ultimately leave the thanks and appreciation to our community, and although we wish to climb the ladder, our sole priority is ensuring exceptional service, and opening doors to memories that will stay with you forever.

Here is to the next dive,

Ocean Adventures Ltd.

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